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What is an Information Service?

A very simple definition is:

An Information Service is a service, which provides (serves) data/knowledge/information somehow.

However, this definition is not strong enough to describe the range and domain of an Information Service. Therefore, it is necessary to define the term Information Service in a specific context. Fortunately, Wikipedia delivers, or better saying serves, a good definition of this context, which is called Information System.

An Information System is any combination of information technology and people‘s activities using that technology to support operations, management, and decision-making.

The definition continues with explaining the term from a bit more technical view:

In a very broad sense, the term Information System is frequently used to refer to the interaction between people, algorithmic processes, data and technology.

Regarding the first part of this definition, an Information Service is an instance of Information Technology. Hence, an Information Service is a part of an Information System. The second role in this definition is people. This term must be substituted by the term agent, which could be an administrator and/or an user. An user could be a customer and/or contributor. In addition, an agent could be a human or a machine. The interaction is that an Information Service, which collects (retrieves), manages (structures) and stores the data/knowledge/information (maybe with the help of an administrator), serves this data/knowledge/information to an user.
The outcome of this, is the following definition:

An Information Service is this part of an Information System that serves data/knowledge/information* to customers and collects it from its contributors, to manage and store it by optionally using administrators.

This should be a technology independent** definition of the term Information Service. That means an Information Service could be

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